Friday, March 19, 2010

TV shows I think should exist.

CTRL ALT DEL - A sit-com about microsoft employees that secretly sabotage microsoft products.

Two and a Half Midgets - Need I explain?

Fascist Hour with Benito and Adolf - A Mock pundit show co hosted by Hitler and Mussolini, topics would include, how to make the trains run on time, propaganda machines and how to effectively commit genocide.

Mary teen sheep - Follow up to werewolf stories except this time the protagonist turns into a sheep at the full moon with hilarious results.

How to catch a predator: Animal Edition - Hidden Camera sting show where the host lures in unsuspecting predators such as lions and bears in online chat rooms posing as a wounded gazelle. This type of show always gets great ratings.

Intelligent Design Theory - Parody of the big bang theory except the main characters know the truth. Also all romances lead to marriage before any implied consummation of relationships.

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