Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trip to Australia

So the other day I returned home from my trip to Australia. It was a pretty amazing. I spent almost 2 solid weeks there, going from sydney to melbourne up to queensland and then back to sydney for the trip home.

First off I must say that the beauty of Sydney is not overblown. The place is spectacular. Pictures don't even truly do it justice. Of course the Sydney Opera house was beautiful and was truly a sight to behold.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was also awesome

Our third day in Aussie land we hit up Melborne for so time in the sun. The plan originally was to take surfing lessons but unfortunately the night before I apparently got pretty terrible food poisoning. It wasn't even sushi, as we had that the first night in. It was very likely the Kangaroo burgers that were the culprit. Damn undercooked meat.

But the beaches in Melbourne were still quite beautiful even if I couldn't catch any waves.

After a few days in Melbourne checking out the sites there we went up to Queens land for a wildlife tour of the Outback. It was a throw back to my childhood and the countless hours I spend watching the crocodile hunter on discovery channel. It was a three day tour plan and it was worth every penny. Though it wasn't without it's hiccups.

The first day out our jeep actually got stuck in a slough for the first few hours and we had to wait for another jeep to come by and tow us out. Though that day was pretty awesome for the wide range of reptiles we were able to see.

The next day when we were out walking to see some of the local birds I slipped and fell into a creek which has been known to have crocodile's in it. It was a bit scary and it was kinda annoying to be soaking wet through the latter part of the day.

On the last day we went looking for Croc's and it was quite interesting to hear the guide's stories of the interesting adventures they have had running the tours. All the times stupid tourists have done things that have required his expertise to prevent someone getting hurt. Though I am pretty sure we signed a waiver anyways.

But near one of the marshes I took a picture of what I believe to be an honest to goodness Crocoduck. The very creature that creationist Kirk Cameron claims proves evolution false because it doesn't exist. Yet I have a picture showing a wild crocoduck. It's a bit blurry and it took off right after I snapped this picture but I consider this definitive proof.

After the tour we took a trip to the Australia Zoo. (Steve Irwin's zoo) Which was definately worth it. Blows the pants of the zoo's here in Canada.

Finally we ended our trip back in Sydney for the must see of any trip to Australia the Golden Gate Bridge tour.

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